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We welcome companies big and small, non-audio and audio related! We would love to hear from you! CATOC is seeking companies who want to reach a top tier income demographic, as well as people who actively aspire to reach that level. Most importantly, we want to help your company reach new audiences and sell more of your products and services. Isn't that the real bottom line? Our network is extensive, influential, and growing literally everyday! 

The only thing that we will NOT do is flood your product category with a bunch of competing companies. We are only seeking a small number of companies per category and in some cases, only one or two companies per category. Please CONTACT US to learn more about how sponsorship of CATOC can benefit your company!

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Enhanced OEM is the Division for people who want to showcase their upgraded audio system  while maintaining or augmenting their vehicle's purpose-built ergonomics, features, and functionality. The very best systems will also take interior aesthetics to a higher standard of elegance.


Custom Modified is the Division for people who want to showcase the highest standards of audio system design, ingenuity and creativity in pursuit of the zenith in musical sound quality. The challenge in this Division is to maintain vehicle utility and core performance characteristics.

The OEM Division was created for people who have an interest in competitive car audio, but who haven't decided what system upgrades they want - if any - in which they will invest in the future. This format allows them to gauge just where their current system stands against the very best, regardless of Division. 


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custom modified 

enhanced OEM